Saudi Aramco Project

Bedo was contracted by Osostech in Saudi Arabia to plan and install the furniture package for the Electronic Principle E-Learning System Lab which will be installed in the NITI (National Industrial Training Institute) center through Saudi ARAMCO.

The project is a turnkey solution of Electronics Principles E-learning System Lab including:
Electronics Principles Curriculum Annual Site License, Advanced Electronics Experiment Platform, Core Electronics Experiment Card Set, Fundamental Digital Electronics 1 & 2, Further Digital Devices, Operational Amplifiers, Introduction to DC and AC Circuits, Capacitor Applications, Transducers & Transistors, AC Circuits and Bipolar Transistors, SCR Applications, Breadboard Circuits, Communications Experiment Card Set, Fiber Optic Communications, Mobile Phone Trainer, Digital Cordless Telephony Training System, Advance Fiber Optics Lab, Connectorization & Splice Kit, Microwave Wave and Propagation Trainer, Antenna Training System, Instructor Resources, Lab package, Superheat Receiver and Amplifier Fundamentals, and Electronic Systems.
The system can serve at least 12 students and one instructor.