General Description

The axial flow pump module is a bench top mountable module featuring a closed water circuit comprised of an axial flow pump, tank, and flow meter, and is an educational equipment design to help the fluid mechanics student experiment with and determine the operational characteristics of an axial flow pump.
In addition to the flow meter, the unit incorporates other embedded sensor used to determine relavent operational parameters of the system such as temperature and pressures at inlet and outlet of the pump.
The signal from the sensor are conditioned via an instrumental amplifier unit for transfer to digital indicators on control panel or to DAQ system.
The module a DAQ system for data logging and representation on a PC via USB in addition to the control panel featuring digital indicators and operational switches.

Basic Features
• Bench top mountable module
• Closed water circuit incorporating a tank, axial flow pump and flow meter
• Range of embedded sensor for determining system characteristic curves and relevant parameters such as inlet pressure, outlet pressure and temperature
• Module comprises a control panel featuring digital indicators, and operating switches
• Module includes instrumental amplifiers for indication of sensor signal on digital displays or for transfer to DAQ
• Module equipped with DAQ for PC connectivity via USB for data logging and representation
Scope of Delivery
Axial flow pump module
CD containing DAQ software
User manual

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