General Description

The bench-top flume has been designed to be accommodated on the top working surface of the fluid mechanics bench, and to be supplied with water from it.
The flume allows for investigating the flow over weirs and around drag bodies with the aid of a contrast medium, being ink, injected to the flume via 7 nozzles, with the ink being supplied from a reservoir.
A sluice gate at the inlet to the flume and a weir at the outlet control the water level and flow within the flume, in addition to a flow stabilizer that helps maintain a laminar flow of water within the flume to better visualize the streamlines created by the injection of ink.
The apparatus could also be supplied with water from any mains water source.

Basic Features
• Apparatus incorporating a transparent tank with adjustable overflow
• Apparatus incorporating an experimental flume with adjustable flow and level via a weir at outlet and sluice gate at inlet respectively
• Flow stabilizer at flume inlet helps maintain a laminar flow of water within the flume
• Injection of contrast medium, being ink, via 7 nozzles.
• Kit incorporates set of drag bodies; small cylinder, large cylinder, streamlined body and guide vane profile
• Kit incorporates a set of weirs; broad-crested weir and sharp-crested weir
• Apparatus could be accommodated on the top surface of fluid mechanics bench
• Apparatus to be supplied with water from fluid mechanics bench
• Flow rate to be determined from flow meter of fluid mechanics bench
• Visualizing the effect of weirs on flow
• visualizing flow over weirs
• visualizing flow around drag bodies
Scope of Delivery
• Bench-top flume
• Set of drag bodies
      o small cylinder
      o large cylinder
      o streamlined body
      o guide vane profile
• Set of weirs
      o broad-crested weir
      o sharp-crested weir
• 1 Liter of ink
• User manual

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