1. Basic PLC module

The basic PLC module is based on SIMATIC S7-300 series. It comprises a SIMATIC S7-300 with CPU 314C-2 PN/DP, and provides the possibility to further connect input and output modules through a freely accessible profile rail.
In addition to its 24V/6A DC integrated power supply, it also integrates a system bus for ease of connection of modules.

Basic Features
o Sockets for EMERGENCY-OFF loop
o Main memory: 96KByte
o Loading memory: micro memory card 512KByte
o Programming language: STEP 7
o Processing times: 0.1µs for bit operation, 0.5µs for word operation
o 256 counters
o 256 time markers
o Real-time clock
o MPI / Integrated PROFIBUS-DP master/slave interface
o 2 Ethernet / ProfiNet interfaces
o 24 latched, pushbutton switches for digital inputs simulation
o 1 potentiometer analog inputs for analog inputs simulation
o Integrated inputs/output
o 24 digital inputs DC 24V
o 4 analog inputs 0-10V
o 16 digital outputs DC 24V
o 2 analog output 0-10V
o 4mm safety sockets
o Input voltage: 230V AC
2. Industrial Frequency Converter

The Industrial Frequency Converter module aims at providing a training system to test and gain knowledge about frequency converting. This module also includes tools for testing and controlling the desired variables conventionally using the potentiometer and analog master reference voltage. As well as LCD screen, this module can operate without the help of a personal computer.

Main Features
• Provides high output power up to 750W
• V/f-characteristic Linear and quadratic control or vector control
• Provided with an interactive software for parameter settings
• Compatible with CAN field bus
• 4 sets of parameters
• Experiments for testing the system while in operation
• Experiments for operating response testing
• Experiments for Load effect
• Experiments for motor speed and torque characteristic
• Experiments for basic functions programming
• Experiment for power and rms values measuring
• Experiments for U/f characteristic Optimization
• Experiments for chopper brake operation
• Experiments for stator resistance compensation
• Experiments for weakening control field
• Power: Input Power 50Hz, 220~240V
Output power ~750W, 0-1KHz, 0-5Amp, Voltage 0x~4x i/p voltage
Nominal ~750W, 1.5kVA
• Control unit: Microprocessor controlled, 4 set of parameters, operating unit LCD
• Integrated with this module: PID controller, protective functions and brake transistor
• Protection: Over load safety factor up to 150%
3. Three-phase asynchronous machine with pronounced pull-out torque
• Nominal voltage: 230V, 50Hz
• Nominal current: 1.05-1.8A
• Nominal speed: 1360rpm
• Nominal power: 0.37kW
• Thermal protection switch
4. AC-motor with starting & operating capacitor
AC motor with starting and operating capacitor and built-in current relay
Main Features
• Robust construction.
• Possibility to change the internal winding configuration of the machine.
• Equipped with thermal protection against overload.
• Configuring internal windings of the machine.
• Connecting machine to external loads.
• Nominal voltage: 230V, 50Hz
• Nominal current: 2.0~2.5A
• Nominal speed: 2815rpm
• Nominal power: 0.37kW
• Capacitor start: 25µF
• Capacitor operation: 12µF
• Thermal protection switch
5. DC/AC Universal Motor
DC/AC universal motor for training purposes
• Nominal Voltage: 220~240V, 50Hz
• Nominal Current: 1.5~2.4A
• Nominal Speed: 3000rpm
• Nominal Power: ~0.30kW
• Thermal protection switch
6. Smooth starter industrial type for 3-phase asynchronous machines
Smooth starter industrial type for 3-phase asynchronous machines used for training purposes. It’s used for smoother starting of three-phase synchronous machines.
Run-up time, run-down time and starting voltage input can be set easily
Output voltage: 200~480V
Output current: max 6A
Protection: safety sockets
7. Servo machine test system with dynamic loading
The servo machine test system aim at proving a complete testing system for examining electrical machines and drives
Main Features
• Dynamic and static four-quadrant operation
• 10 selectable operating modes/machine models (torque control, speed control, flywheel, lifting drive, roller/calander, fan, compressor, winding gear, arbitrarily defined time-dependent load, manual and automated network synchronisation)
• Integrated galvanically isolated amplifier for voltage and current measurement
• Speed and torque displays
• Four-quadrant monitor
• USB interface
• Thermal monitoring of the machine under test
• Testing for the presence of a shaft cover.
• Connection voltage: 320-540V, 45-65Hz
• Maximum power output: 4kVA
• Servo brake:
      o Maximum speed: 4000rpm
      o Maximum torque: 10Nm
      o Temperature monitoring: continuous temperature sensor (KTY)
      o Resolver resolution: 65536 pulses/revolution
8. Operating Touch panel Trainer Package for S7 PLC
Touch screen designed for educational purpose and intend for operating and observing machines and process control system
Full graphic Colour display (256 colours)
• CCFL backlighting
• Touch screen
• Interfaces MPI, Profibus DP , Profinet I/O , USB
• Display indicator for disturbance and operating signals
• Recipe management
• Power Supply :DC24V
• S7 MPI cable
• WinCC fwlexible Advanced
• Win CCF flexible /Smart Access for Simatic Panel
9. Profibus DP interface module accessories
10. Brake resistor for industrial frequency converters
Voltage input: 400V
Chopper Voltage: 200V rms
Nominal power: 200W
11. Gear with operating arm
      o Reducing gear 900:1
12. Set of Sensors
A set of sensors for training purposes including: Mechanical sensor, Inductive sensor, capacitive sensor and Optical sensor
• Mechanical Sensor
      o Contact load: 400V/6A max.
      o Output function: 1 make contact, 1 break contact
• Inductive Sensor
      o Operating distance: 5mm
      o Output function: 1 make contact, 1 break contact
      o Voltage supply: 0..30V DC/ 400mA
• Capacitive Sensor
      o Operating distance: 20mm (material-dependent)
      o Output function: 1 make contact
      o Voltage supply: 10..30V DC/ 250mA
      o Status indicator: LED
• Optical Sensor
      o Operating distance: 100mm (material-dependent)
      o Output function: 1 make contact
      o Voltage supply: 10..30V DC/ 250mA
      o Status indicator: LED
13. Universal Power Supply

The universal power supply aims at providing a training system to test and gain knowledge about power supplies and how it works. This module provides DC volt, AC volt, and three phase current and can be used for excitation of synchronous machines.

Main Features
• Provides high stability
• Highly efficient
• Stabilized fixed voltages
• Three-phase generator with 3 phases and N
• Function generator
• Circuit breakers on all outputs
• 4mm safety sockets
• Experiments for power supplies and how it work
• Experiments for three phase generators
• Experiments for excitation of synchronous machines
• Power: 50/60Hz, 220~400V
• Supplies: 0-250VDC, 1-15A, 3-Phase L1,L2,L3,N
• Secondary Supply: ~220VDC, ~6A
• Protection: Electronic protect against over load/short circuit, Safety cutout, under voltage protect, Motor protection switch
14. coupling sleeves
15. coupling guards
16. Literature compromise the following:
• Fibel "S7-300 simple to assemble and program"
• User handbook STEP7
• Program handbook for S7-300/400
• Converter handbook
• STL handbook
• LAD handbook
• SFC handbook
• Reference handbook for standard and system functions for SIMATIC
• S7-300/400
• Communication. Description for the coupling of control unit with a PLC
• Connection, operation and programming of SIMATIC NET
• System manuals for servo and frequency converter CD-Rom
17. Analogue and digital multimeter, wattmeter and power- factor meter measuring unit.
• Simultaneous, measurements of voltage and current independent of
• the curve shape ( max. 600 V, 20 A) ( measurements of clocked voltages)
• calculation of active, apparent and reactive power as well as the power factor
• measurement of the total rms ( RMS-AC+DC) ; AC rms (RMS-AC) and arithmetic mean (AV-AC+DC)
• impervious to electrical damage up to 20 A/ 600 V
• Large – scale display or display up to 4 measurement values
• Digital or quasi display
• RS232 and USB interface
• Internal resistance : current path 10mohm, voltage path 10MOhm
• Voltage ranges: 30;300;600V
• Currents: 1;10;20A
• Automatic or manual measurements range selection
18. Software STEP7-Basis for S7, M7, C7 comprising the following tools:
• Hardware configuration and parameter setting
• Defining the communication
• Programing in the proven and standard PLC programing languages Statement list (STL), ladder logic diagram(LAD) and sequential function Charts (SFC)
• Testing, putting into operation and service
• Documentation and archiving
• Operating and diagnostic functions
19.PLC-S7 PC adapter with USB/MPI converter
For coupling the PC to the SIMATIC S7-300 via the USB port:
      • Including MPI and USB cable
20. PLC-S7 PC adapter with USB/MPI converter
Industrial software to set parameters and perform diagnostic operations on Converters.
21. Software for converters
• Putting the drive into operation with fast and easy procedure
• Simple operation
• User-friendly diagnostic possibilities
• Graphic programming user interface
• Oscilloscope function
• Microsoft windows based software
22. RS232/485 interface module
Attachable field bus module for connection between PC and frequency converter and servo drive amplifier
23. PC Connection cable for RS232/485 interface module

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