General Description

The Dissectible Machines Training System is a training system that provides hands-on training in the construction and operation of rotating machines. The dissectible machines are assembled with the use of tools from a complete set of components, including stators, rotors, armatures, rheostats, and capacitors. Once assembled, they can be mounted on basic modules that lock into place on any workstation. The components allow students to construct two different machines at the same time.

Dismountable Three-Phase Machine Set

Dismountable three-phase machine set for training purposes. The set consists of a standard uniform stator for all types of machines, the rotor is exchangeable. The set is suitable for learning the fundamentals of machine construction and examining the difference between the various types of machines. The machines are fully functional and can be coupled to a braking system after assembly.

Main Features
• Dismountable three-phase machine set, stator, rotor squirrel cage/ slip-ring
• Dismountable three-phase machine set, rotor for the synchronous machine
• Dismountable three-phase machine set, rotor for the reluctance machine
• Fault simulator for the three-phase asynchronous motor
      o Breaks in the windings
      o Winding to winding insulation faults
      o Winding to frame insulation faults
      o Housing short circuit
      o Combinations of different faults
      o Fault monitoring and repair instructions
      o Insulation tester for VDE 0100/610
• Visualizing the effect of weirs on flow
• visualizing flow over weirs
• visualizing flow around drag bodies
Scope of Delivery
• Bench-top flume
• Set of drag bodies
      o small cylinder
      o large cylinder
      o streamlined body
      o guide vane profile
• Set of weirs
      o broad-crested weir
      o sharp-crested weir
• 1 Liter of ink
• User manual

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