General Description

The experimental flume has been designed to be a base unit and allow for a broad range of fittings and modules to be to help the student conduct a comprehensive range of experimentation in hydraulics.
The unit incorporates a closed water circuit comprised of flume, tank, pump, flow meter, and flow control valve.
In addition to its rigid construction and corrosion resistant material, the unit features additional functionalities such as adjustable tilt angle, transparent flume side walls, and flow stabilizer at inlet.

Basic Features
• Open channel flow experimental flume with adjustable tilt angle
• Transparent side walls of flume for visualizing different experiments in hydraulics
• Closed water circuit comprising a tank, pump, flow meter, and a flow control valve
• Experimental flume length could be extended an additional 2.5 m by adding an extension flume
• Corrosion resistant material such as PVC
• Flow stabilizer at flume inlet helps maintain a laminar or semi-laminar flow
• Broad range of modules and experimental flume mutually optimized for easy installation of fitting and modules
• The experimental flume allows for a broad range of experiments in hydraulics depending on the various modules and fitting to the unit.
Scope of Delivery
Experimental flume
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