General Description

The fluid mechanics bench acts as the infrastructure of a wide array of experimental modules in fluid mechanics.

The bench forms a closed water circuit, and being mainly comprised of a storage tank, pump, flow control valve and a measuring tank with level indicator. In addition to the integrated flume for experimentation with weir, the top working surface provides enough space and versatility for mounting of experimentation modules for fluid mechanics.

The bench has been designed to provide operator convenience by incorporating certain features like wheels for relocation and positioning, a top working surface with internal edge to prevent water spilling, and many others.

Basic Features
• Rigid construction with 4 wheels for ease of relocation
• Closed water circuit with storage tank and measuring tank
• Integrated flume for experimentation with weirs
• Top working surface compatible with a broad range of apparatuses in fluid mechanics experimentation
• Working surface with inside edge for collecting dripping water
• Volumetric flow rate adjustable using flow control valve
• Volumetric flow rate measurable using measuring tank level indicator and stop watch
Scope of Delivery
Fluid mechanics bench
User manual

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