General Description

The free discharge apparatus allows for investigating the effect of different discharge contours on the pressure loss of a freely discharged jet.
The apparatus comprises transparent tank with adjustable over flow and a set of measuring instruments essential to determining parameters related to the phenomena.
The apparatus could be fitted with 5 interchangeable discharge inserts, and has been designed to be accommodated on the top working surface of the fluid mechanics bench, with water supply flow it and flow rate to be measured by the flow meter of the bench.
The apparatus incorporates a jet diameter measuring device, twin tube manometer, and a pitot tube.

Basic Features
• Apparatus incorporating a transparent tank with adjustable overflow
• Apparatus incorporates twin tube manometer for measuring pressure difference
• Apparatus incorporating a pitot tube for measuring total pressure
• Apparatus incorporating a jet diameter measuring device
• 5 interchangeable discharge inserts with different discharge contours; 2 conical, 1 cylindrical, 1 rounded, 1 orifice plate
• Apparatus could be accommodated on the top surface of fluid mechanics bench
• Apparatus to be supplied with water from fluid mechanics bench
• Flow rate to be determined from flow meter of fluid mechanics bench
• Jet velocity can be calculated from pressure difference (read from twin tube manometer)
• determining outlet jet diameter and velocity
• determining of pressure losses and contraction coefficient for different discharge inserts
• determining of flow rate at different discharge heads
Scope of Delivery
Free discharge apparatus
Set of discharge inserts
Set of hoses
User manual

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