The aim of our training concept for the field of generator and synchronizing circuits is to provide:
• vocational schools
• technical colleges
• universities
• in-firm training centers

With systems for teaching the theoretical and practical knowledge which trainees and students require to learn and understand modern know-how about generator and synchronizing circuits and their control methods.

1. Power switch module
Power switch module for training purposes
• Nominal voltage: 200-400V, 50/60Hz
• Control voltage: 24V
• Nominal operating current: 16A, ohmic
• Functions: 2 pushbutton switches and remote control for switch-off relay
• Indicators: signal lamps for "on" and "off"
• Contacts: 3 n.o. & 1 n.o. auxiliary
• Inputs/outputs: 4mm safety sockets
2. Synchronization Unit
Synchronization unit used for training purposes
• Synchroniser display (comprising 3 lamps) is used to display voltage and phase angles between generator and power supply circuit (light-dark indication)
• Meters: voltmeter, double frequency meter, double voltmeter
• Digital Synchronoscope
• Synchronization switch
• Operating voltage: 400V
3. Three-phase synchronous machine with smooth core rotor
Three-phase synchronous machine with smooth core rotor used for training purposes
• Nominal voltage: 400/230V, 50Hz
• Nominal current: 1.5A / 2.6A
• Nominal speed: 1500rpm
• Nominal power: 0.8kW
• Cos phi: 0.8 ... 1 ... -0.8
• Exciter voltage: 220V
• Exciter current: 1.6A
4. Exciter voltage controller
Exciter voltage controller used for training purposes
• Voltage supply: 230V, 50Hz
• Rheostat: 120ohm
• Power rating: 160W
• Control: 2 pushbuttons for max and min values
• 4mm safety sockets for inputs and outputs
5.Servo machine test bench
Servo machine test bench used for training purposes for the examining of electrical machines and drives
Main Features
• The motor and sensor leads are connected via polarity-safe plugs
• The machine has thermal monitoring and, in conjunction with the controller
• Driving and braking system free of drift and requires no calibration.
• Controller
      o Dynamic and static four-quadrant operation
      o 10 selectable operating modes/machine models (torque control, speed control, flywheel, lifting drive, roller/calander, fan, compressor, winding gear, arbitrarily defined time-dependent load, manual and automated network synchronization)
      o Integrated galvanically isolated amplifier for voltage and current measurement
      o Speed and torque displays
      o Four-quadrant monitor
      o USB interface
      o Thermal monitoring of the machine under test
      o Testing for the presence of a shaft cover.
      o Connection voltage: 300-530V, 43-65Hz
      o Maximum power output: 10kVA
• Brake/Drive
      o Self-cooled asynchronous servo-brake with resolver.
      o Maximum speed: 4000rpm
      o Maximum torque 30Nm
      o Temperature monitoring: continuous temperature sensor (KTY)
      o Resolver resolution: 65536 pulses/revolution
6. Automatic synchronizing circuits, power control and power factor control system
Automatic synchronizing circuits, power control and power factor control system used for training purposes for the control, protection and monitoring of generators.
Main Features
• Automatic synchronizing circuits
• Automatic power factor control
• Automatic power control
• Control functions:
      o Automatic synchronisation
      o Automatic power control
      o Automatic power factor control
      o Automatic voltage control
      o Automatic frequency control
      o Automatic active and reactive power distribution
      o Operating data acquisition
• Protective functions:
      o Reverse power protection
      o Overload protection
      o Overcurrent protection
      o Inverse time overcurrent protection
      o Voltage asymmetry
• Monitoring functions:
      o Over/undervoltage monitoring of the feeder and the mains power supply
      o Over/underfrequency monitoring of the feeder and the mains power supply
      o Phase jump monitoring of the mains power supply
7. Universal Power Supply for DC and three-phase
      • Three phase : L1,L2,L3,N from 4 mm safety sockets
      • DC:0-24VDC variable , stabilised and protected against overload
      • Output current : 3-10 A
Second DC supply 210VDC, 6A fixed
Protective systems
      • Motor protection switch adjustable from 6.3-16A
      • Under voltage trip
      • Safety cut-out
Mains connection: 3×230/400V, 50 HZ
8. DC power supply, 24V/2A stabilized
• Output : 24 V/2A
• Output electrically isolated from mains
• Output short-circuits proof and thermally monitored
• Optical overload indication via LED
9. Double Frequency meter
• Measurement range : 2 ×47…53HZ
• Nominal voltage : 400 V
• Number of reeds : 2 ×13
• Movement : vibrating movement via LED
10.Double voltmeter 2 ×500 V
• Measurement range :2 ×0…500V
• Movement : 2×moving iron , class 1.5
11. Analog/digital multimeter, wattmeter and power-factor meter measuring unit
This unit aims at providing training on analog and digital multimeters, wattmeters and power factor measuring units
• Simultaneous, measurement of voltage and current independent of the curve shape (max. 600 V, 20 A) (measurement of clocked voltages)
• Calculation of active, apparent and reactive power as well as the power factor
• Measurement of the total rms (RMS-AC+DC) ; AC rms (RMS-AC) and arithmetic mean (AV-AC+DC)
• Impervious to electrical damage up to 20 A/600 V
• Large-scale display or display of up to 4 measurement values
• Digital or quasi-analog display
• USB interface/RS232
• Internal resistance: current path 10mOhm, voltage path 10MOhm
• Voltage ranges: 30;300; 600V
• Current ranges: 1; 10; 20A
• Measurement accuracy: 2%
• Automatic or manual measurement range selection
• Operating voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz
12. Voltmeter change-over switch
Voltmeter change-over switch for training purposes
Contact rating: 440V/16A max
Switch settings: L1-P1/L2-P1/L3-P1/N-P2
Inputs/outputs: 4mm safety sockets
• Rubber coupling sleeve ×2
• Coupling guard ×2
• Shaft end guard
• Set of Safety Connection cables 4 mm ( 47 pcs)
      • 6×25 cm length , white
      • 10×50cm length, white
      • 10×100cm length, white
      • 15×150 cm length, white
      • 2×50 cm length, white
      • 2×100cm length, blue
      • 1×100cm length , green/yellow
      • 1×150cm length , green/yellow
• Table-top Frame
• PC with below specifications
      • LCD 18.5"
      • Ram :4GB RAM
      • Hard Disk :500GB HDD
      • Optical Drive: 16x DVD+/- RW
      • Keyboard & Mouse, Internal Speaker

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