General Description

The act of accelerating, decelerating and change of fluid direction of motion involves change of momentum of the moving fluid which is translated into a force exerted on the surface causing such change.
The jet impact apparatus allows for observing such phenomena and investigating it through a transparent tank.
A nozzle within the tank is responsible for generating upward moving water jet which is deflected thereafter by a deflector of a certain surface profile.
The impact could be measured for 4 different deflectors using a set of a weights and a weight loaded scale.
Flow rate could be measured via the flow meter of the fluid mechanics bench.

Basic Features
• Transparent tank for visualizing jet impact
• Apparatus incorporates a nozzle for generating a jet
• 4 interchangeable deflectors of different surfaces; flat surface, semi-circular surface, oblique surface and conical surface
• Measurement of the jet forces via the weight-loaded scale
• Set of different weights
• Apparatus could be accommodated on the top surface of fluid mechanics bench
• Apparatus to be supplied with water from fluid mechanics bench
• Flow rate and thus impact force to be adjusted from supply (fluid mechanics bench)
• Understanding the conversion of linear momentum of a jet into impact force
• Studying the influence of flow rate and flow velocity on jet impact
• Studying the influence of different deflection angles
Scope of Delivery
Jet Impact Apparatus
Set of weights
Set of deflectors
User manual

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