General Description

The multiple flow meter apparatus has been designed to familiarize the fluid mechanics
student with different devices used in fluid flow measuring, and be able to use them in practice.

The multiple flow meter apparatus features a Venturi-nozzle with 6 tube manometers,
orifice plate flow meter with measuring nozzle and a rota-meter.

Additionally the apparatus allows for connecting a pitot tube for pressure measurement.
A comprehensive user manual familiarizes the student with connecting the apparatus to the fluid mechanics bench, the measuring procedures of the featured instruments and calibrating the instruments.

Basic Features
• Equipped with venturi nozzle with 6 measuring points connected each to manometers
• Equipped with orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle
• Equipped with rota-meter
• Equipped with flow adjusting valve
• Could be mounted on the top surface of the fluid mechanics bench
• To connected to water source from fluid mechanics bench via a set of hoses
• Calibrating featured measuring instruments
• Flow measurement with the following devices:
• orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle
• Venturi nozzle
• rotameter
• using a Pitot tube to measure pressure
• comparing between the featured flow measuring devices
• calculating the corresponding flow coefficients
Scope of Delivery
Multiple flow meter apparatus
Pitot tube
set of hoses
User manual

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