Ministry of Education
       Directorate of Menia
Full-Scale Sewerage System

Bedo was contracted by directorate of education Menia to manufacture, install and train on a full-scale sewerage system in 3 different vocational schools. The full-scale sewerage system developed by BEDO aims at providing students and trainees with hands-on training and troubleshooting on water plumbing and water network solutions using the latest educational technology tools.

- Hands on training unit.
   ❶ Central water feeding and drain simulator
   ❷ Residential buildings water feeding simulator
   ❸ Residential unit water feeding simulator
   ❹ Residential unit error-input simulator
- Instructor's guide.
- Simulation Software which allows students to observe operation through simulation virtually without physically performing the operation.
- Classroom Management System.
- Smart Board.
- Wireless Student Response System.
- PCs.
- Interactive Educational Posters.
- Lab network.