Ministry of Education
          Directorate of Education in Menia
Electrical Installation & Maintenance workshop

Bedo was contracted by Directorate of Education Menia to manufacture, install and train on electrical installation and maintenance workshop in 14 vocational schools. The workshop is designed to train students destined for careers as electricians and electrical maintenance technicians. One of the key elements of the workshop is to train students to be independent thinkers and work systematically on troubleshooting.

- Hands on training unit
   ❶ Educational Unit for Training on Advanced Electrical Devices
   ❷ Educational Unit for Training on Different Protection and Alarming Systems
   ❸ Educational Unit for Training on Energy Meters and Electric Transformers
   ❹ Educational Unit for Training on Electrical Engineering Principles.
   ❺ Educational Unit for testing the student’s hands-on capability of electrical installations inside a domestic apartment
- Instructor's Guide
- Simulation Software which allows students to observe operation through simulation without physically performing the operation.
- Classroom Management System
- Smart Board
- Wireless Student Response System
- PCs
- Interactive Educational Posters