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Who We ARE

BEDO was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced engineers and educators with over 30 years of experience in the field of educational Engineering Equipment, we listened to Professors, teachers, and trainers, Then, we combined our knowledge of the educational industry, to produce new creative and unique solutions. All BEDO training systems contain an essential element of flexibility. This enables us to structure technical training programs to suit the requirements of our customers.

BEDO’s experienced staff of educators, instructional system designers, and engineers are available to assist customers at any time during the process – including preliminary planning, design of program content, equipment and software selection, installation and instructor training.

BEDO engineers always ensure that our products are user-friendly and durable enough for engineering and vocational trainees. We also use the most effective pedagogical techniques to provide a multilevel, competency-based, and interactive multimedia curriculum, Our commitment to quality, innovation and after-sale support has helped us maintain a strong market position and develop a reputation for industry leadership.

Co-Founder's Message
Dr | Mostafa EL-Bedwihy - Co-Founder GM

We aspire to make BEDO Company look great. As a maker of educational training solutions, we firmly believe in the significance of three values: creativity, design, and trust. We consistently provide reliable products and services that earn our clients' trust. Our R&D team works tirelessly to create the best value for our customers. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work and the client experience, and we find joy in what we do. As a team of dedicated professionals, we love serving our clients and take pride in our work.

ENG | Mohamed Samy - Co-Founder CEO

We operate within the knowledge economy and are committed to achieving a competitive advantage that meets our customers' ambitions. Our most valuable resource is our intellectual capital, and we actively promote a culture of creativity within BEDO and with our customers.

We are a team of talented individuals who are passionate about our work and have ambitious goals. We believe that great achievements are the result of the collective efforts of great people, and we view innovation as a continuous process rather than a destination. Our vision is to become the most sought-after innovation education company in society and co-create an inspiring future with our customers. We are dedicated to continuously improving our services and have a deep-seated desire to serve our customers.

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