BEDO was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced engineers and educators with over 30 years of experience in the field of educational Engineering Equipment, we listened to Professors, teachers, and trainers, Then, we combined our knowledge of the educational industry, to produce new creative and unique solutions. All BEDO training systems contain an essential element of flexibility. This enables us to structure technical training programs to suit the requirements of our customers.

BEDO’s experienced staff of educators, instructional system designers, and engineers are available to assist customers at any time during the process – including preliminary planning, design of program content, equipment and software selection, installation and instructor training.

BEDO engineers always ensure that our products are user-friendly and durable enough for engineering and vocational trainees. We also use the most effective pedagogical techniques to provide a multilevel, competency-based, and interactive multimedia curriculum, Our commitment to quality, innovation and after-sale support has helped us maintain a strong market position and develop a reputation for industry leadership.

BEDO Was Founded By a Group Of Experienced Engineers And Educators With Over 30 Years of Experience In The Field of Educational Technology.

  • Empower learners around the world to achieve their full potential in a wide range of fields of engineering, computer science, and technical education by providing innovative educational solutions to universities, schools, and training centers.
  • Being the educational solutions development brand with the greatest appeal, fascinating, innovations, amazing design, and Achieving excellence for customers and employees.
  • Act like an owner, focus on the process, pay attention to details, hard work, innovation, customer-focused, we are Family, Teamwork, Build for Durability, Flexibility, we Empower our employees, think big and move Fast, make a difference every day, Great people do great things.
  • Curriculum designers. 
  • Distribution.
  • Software designers.
  • Sales consultancy.
  • Product designers.
  • Training.
  • Product manufacturing.
  • Bring in a high level of execution skills, meet customer benchmarks, and satisfy them through timely delivery of quality products and services.
  • Provide professional advice in order to improve on customer existing quality operation systems.
  • Assist customers achieve greater productivity and safety standards.
  • Advise customers on technical specifications of industrial systems.
  • Provide customers with engineering consultancy on relevant and new technologies available in the market.
  • Advise industry on available technical training opportunities for improving employees’ skills.
  • Develop partnerships with industry for growth and diversification.
Co-Founder GM Message Dr | Mostafa EL-Bedwihy

We Desire to make BEDO Company looks great, As an Educational training solutions maker we firmly believe in the significance of these three words: Creativity, Design and Trust. We always provide Reliable products & services that gain our clients’ trust, our R&D team works day and night to create the best value for our customers, we put enormous weight on our work quality as well as the quality of the experience, and we enjoy what we do so it’s important for us that our clients feel the same. We are a group of fighters who love our work and serve our customers.

Co-Founder CEO ENG | Mohamed Samy

We are working inside the knowledge economy. We always strive to achieve a competitive advantage to satisfy the ambition of our customers.

Our most important resource is intellectual capital, We always strive to spread the culture of creativity within BEDO or among customers.

We are a group of talented people who love to work and have ambitions. We believe that great things are made by great people, creating and managing innovation is a process, not a destination, Aiming to be the best innovation education company most needed by society, we will create the inspiring next future with our customers. We always strive to develop our services through an urgent desire to serve our customers.

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