BEDO & Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company

July 6, 2022

Believing in the role represented by the educational industrial cooperation between the major industrial institutions in developing products that serve the various segments of engineering and technical (industrial) education, “BEDO” team is pleased to announce the successful signing of a cooperation protocol with our partners in success (Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company) in the presence of representatives of both parties:

BEDO Factory

Mr. Dr \ Mustafa Kadry (General Manager of BEDO Factory)

Mr. Eng \ Mohamed Samy (CEO of BEDO Factory).

Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company

Parliament Deputy. Mr \ El Saiyed Samir Abdel-Maqsoud (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company).

Mr. Eng \ Maged Al-Sarraf (Executive Director of Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company).

During the visit, the visitors inspected the most important production stations of the BEDO factory to explore the latest developments reached by BEDO Team in the factory in terms of advanced technologies in the various stages of manufacturing.

The visitors also expressed their great happiness for achieving such a fruitful partnership between “BEDO” factory as one of the most important pioneers in the education industry in Egypt and ‘Mechanics Egypt Equipment Company” , which represents leadership in the Egyptian market, a partnership that is expected to add real value in the field of education industry in general, and especially the field of Technical education in modern automobile technology, which is expected to contribute significantly to the production of graduates who are practically trained at the highest level and qualified to compete in the labor market.