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Absorption Refrigeration System
(AR - 016)

1 Condenser 2 Evaporator 3 Absorber 4 Generator with bubble pump 5 Temperature digital meters 6 Power digital meter 7 Operation switches

  • Demonstrate the basic principle of an absorption refrigeration system
  • Absorption refrigeration system and its main components
  • Operating behavior under load
  • Working medium: ammonia-water solution
  • Auxiliary gas: hydrogen
  • Electric heater: 125W
  • Gas burner, adjustable: propane gas
  • Evaporator heater, adjustable: 50W
  • Measuring Ranges
    • temperature: 4x -80…180°C
    • power: 0…200W
  • Absorption Refrigeration System (AR - 016)
  • Hard Copy User manual

The educational unit(AR-016) is designed to illustrate the principle of the absorption refrigeration system. All the components necessary for the system is available to allow the students to perform wide range of experiments.

  • The basic principle of absorption refrigeration is demonstrated in the educational unit with the example of an ammonia-water solution with the ammonia acting as refrigerant.
  • The educational unit shows the operation sequence of an absorption refrigeration system.
  • The main system components are an evaporator, an absorber, a generator with bubble pump and a condenser.
  • The ammonia-water solution acts as the working medium, and the hydrogen acts as the auxiliary gas.
  • The educational unit also includes a bubble pump that is used for transportation in the circuit.
  • The educational unit includes a control panel which contains Emergency Switch, Main ON/OFF Switch, Generator ON/OFF Switch, Power Display Selector Switch, Heating Load ON/OFF Switch and Heating Load Adjustment Switch.
  • A generator which generates heat by electrical heater is used to separate ammonia from hydrogen heated.
  • The unit is equipped with a manual thermostat to adjust the desired temperature of the room with a range from - 30 to 30 °C.
  • An adjustable electrical heater at the evaporator serves as the heating load.
  • The educational unit is equipped with six digital indicators that are used to display the temperature and power.
  • The Measuring range of the five temperature digital indicators is from -50 to
    + 200 °C, while the measuring range of the power meter digital indicator is from 0 to 200 W.