Automotive Air Conditioner Assembly Kit
(AR - 029_)
  • Automotive Air Conditioner Assembly Kit (AR - 029)
  • Hard copy user manual

This Assembly kit features a small storage container, and an assembly frame, where the container includes all typical components of an automotive air conditioning system, to be assembled by a trainee. The kit also included assembly tools needed in addition to guiding diagrams.

  • A small storage container conveniently stores the components of the air conditioning system in addition to tools needed.
  • The Kit includes a specially designed frame on which the automotive air conditioner is to be assembled.
  • The automotive air conditioning system is composed of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, filter unit, thermostat, and a small control panel similar to the one found in center console of a vehicle.
  • The kit includes all hoses and wires needed for the assembly, in addition to an electric motor to serve as an alternative to the engine.
  • The kit also includes tools needed in the assembly process, in addition to refrigerant charging and reclaiming equipment, and metering equipment.