VRV Air-Conditioning Cooling & Heating System Trainer
(AR - 030_)
  • Comprehending VRV air conditioner cycle and layout using a schematic diagram.
  • Taking voltage and current readings for the compressor.
  • Studying refrigerant super cooling.
  • Troubleshooting simulated malfunctions in various component such as compressor, control unit, and fans
  • VRV Air-Conditioning Cooling and Heating System Trainer (AR - 030)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Power Cord

This trainer is designed to demonstrate the operation and performance of Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) type air conditioning through fully operational unit including all the basic components as found on VRV. In this room like trainer, students and technicians can follow the refrigeration cycle, explore the lay out and function of all major components and controls, and perform servicing and troubleshooting exercises through an integrated control panel. The whole system is mainly consists of two units of trainee work station each station Comprising of an inverter condenser ,floor trap tray, wall mounted evaporator, floor standing evaporator and ceiling cassette evaporator.

  • The trainer is a closed partition with a covered ceiling and a circulating room to isolate it from the surrounding.
  • The room is equipped from the inside with a control panel to observe and control the operation of the system.
  • The control panel is equipped with digital meters for measuring various system parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity at various points in the system.
  • The control panel is also equipped with a digital meter to measure compressor voltage and current.
  • The trainer provides the possibility to control each evaporator individually.
  • The trainer could simulate various common VRV air conditioner faults to enhance troubleshooting skills of trainees.