Heat Pump Air Conditioning Build-Up Trainer
  • • How to assemble and install split type heat pump air conditioning system
    • Identify all the components and parts of split type heat pump/air conditioning system
  • How to install the indoor and outdoor section of the split air conditioning system?
  • Heat Pump Air Conditioning Build- Up Trainer (AR - 034)
  • Hard copy user manual

The heat pump air conditioning build-up trainer tends to teach the trainee how to install split air conditioning system, so that trainees gain skills of assembling techniques of split (heat pump) air conditioning system.

  • The training kit includes all parts of a split type heat pump/ air conditioning system
  • The educational unit includes floor standing indoor/outdoor units so the students can learn how the actual indoor/outdoor system being installed
  • The educational kit is supplied knocked-down in kit to be assembled by the students
  • The educational kit includes:
    • External condensing unit (direct cycle)
    • Internal Fan-coil evaporator (direct cycle)
  • The educational unit comes with assembling guide