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Control Unit for Ventilation Training System
  • Temperature control of the air flow in a ventilation system.
  • Pump
    • Power consumption: 70 W
    • Max. flow rate: 60 L/min
    • Max. head: 4 m
  • Temperature:
    • 1x -50- 600 °C
    • 3x 0- 120 °C
  • Control Unit for Ventilation (AR - 037)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Control Unit for Ventilation System Trainer is designed to be used as a temperature control for the ventilation system trainer. The unit is required if the ventilation system trainer is to be used for experiments with room temperature control.

  • The educational unit is connected between the ventilation system trainer and an external source of hot water using quick-release couplings.
  • The unit allows the demonstration of room temperature control in ventilation systems using this arrangement.
  • The unit includes a circulating pump, three-way mixing valve, an electronic controller with temperature sensor and setting of the reference variable.
  • The educational unit is also provided with three thermometers and one temperature sensor with display