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Heat Distribution and Control Trainer
  • In conjunction with Hot Water Production Trainer, the following experiments can be performed:
    • Water filling of the circuit and air exhaust
    • Thermal emission efficiency curve of radiators
    • Measuring and testing of the controlled heating circuit
    • Transient response of the system to control processes
    • Performance under variation of outdoor temperatures
    • Efficiency and performance analysis of centralized and distributed regulation.
  • The system allows performance testing and measurements in the system components as:
    • Centrifugal pump 60W
    • Three-way control valve
    • Heating system controller
  • The system also includes:
    • Copper piping
    • Outdoor temperature simulator with sensor
    • Intended to use with Hot Water Production Trainer
    • Thermal circuits:
      • Max. temperature: 55°C
      • Circulating pump approx.: 3 cubing meters/h, 60W.
    • Thermostats:
      • Temperature measurement: 0-100°C
      • Pressure measurement: 0-6bar
  • Heat Distribution & Control Trainer (AR - 038)
  • Hard copy user manual

The educational unit is designed to introduce students to the procedures for water filling and air bleeding from a home, variation of hot water delivery temperature versus outdoor air temperature and study the two types of heating circuits with radiators.

  • The educational unit includes two different heating systems: A central heating circuit with 3 aluminum radiators and an outdoor temperature simulator with a temperature sensor. A distributed heating 2 – zone circuit, each circuit zone includes two steel radiators and a thermostat.
  • The trainer is equipped with a water circulation pump to supply both circuits.
  • The system is supplied with flow valves and control.
  • It includes all safety features required for the students.
  • All system components used are real practice industrial components that are used in standard heating systems domestic installations.
  • The system contains instrumentation for measuring pressures and temperature in the inlet and outlet circuit nodes for each water circuit.
  • Each water circuit includes a flow meter.
  • All temperature measurements are displayed in the control panel or the data acquisition system display (when it is provided by request of the client).
  • The educational unit can be connected easily to the Hot Water Production Trainer for more experiments.
  • all temperature measurements are displayed in the control panel
  • The educational unit allows the clear observation of the installation from both sides of the trainer.
  • The unit is fixed on four caster wheels to eases its motion inside the laboratory, these caster wheel are equipped with brakes to prevent the trainer from sliding during the operation.
  • The unit is treated against rust and electrostatically painted.