Deep Freezer Training System
  • The control panel can simulate 10 defects and faults including:
    • Defect in the electronic control of the freezer.
    • Fault of the internal light bulb with a freezer.
    • Fault of the door switch.
    • Evaporator fault.
    • Fault of the fan.
    • Fault of thermostats.
    • Temperature control defect.
    • Compressor fault.
  • Deep Freezer Training System (AR - 040)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Deep Freezer Training System tends to demonstrate a real deep freezer, combined with a control panel with the purpose of simulating the freezer common faults. The trainer allows improving the troubleshooting skills.

  • The deep freezer used in the educational unit is a “No frost”, and installed on a wheel base to facilitate moving.
  • The deep freezer is connected to the control unit that is used to simulate more than 10 common faults.
  • The trainer provides the possibility of isolating individual components of the freezer such as the «No frost» heater or a vaporizer heater.
  • The trainer also provides the possibility of measuring the parameters of individual components in the freezer using digital meters.
  • The trainer is supplied with LEDs to indicate the status of an individual components in the freezer.
  • The trainer is equipped with a small screen to describe the current fault.
  •  The possibility of turning the screen on or off using a key kept with the instructor.
  • The trainer is equipped with the refrigeration cycle diagram.
  • The trainer is equipped with operation and emergency switches