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Refrigeration Training System
  • Design of compression refrigeration circuit.
  • Draining and filling of refrigeration systems.
  • Operation of refrigeration components.
  • Cyclic process of cold production.
  • Diagnosing faults.
  • Different operating modes of the receiver:
    • With and without receiver.
    • Pump-down.
    • Filling the refrigeration circuit.
  • Compare different expansion elements.
  • Refrigeration Training System (AR - 041)
  • Hard Copy User manual
  • Maintenance Set (Charging / Evacuating)

This system has been designed to implement practical experiments relating to the operation of a refrigeration system by dealing with differently configured compression refrigeration circuits. The components used are common in refrigeration and therefore closely related to practice.

  • The main unit includes the main components of a refrigeration circuit which are a condensing unit and a refrigeration chamber.
  • Condensing unit consisting of hermetic compressor, condenser, receiver, pressure switches and shut-off valves.
  • The pressure switch protects the compressor against excessive pressure.
  • Refrigeration chamber is integrated with evaporator, fan for forced ventilation and an electric defrost heater.
  • Refrigeration chamber, condensing unit and power supply equipped with shockproof lab jacks.
  • The Refrigerant is R134a which is CFC-free, the refrigerant flow can be modified via shut-off valves.
  • Components Module for advanced experiments in refrigeration systems.
  • Together with the components in the component’s module such as post-injection valve, capacity controller or defrost timer, simple refrigeration circuits are configured.
  • All components of the training system have ball valves at the connections.
  • The system is provided with a comprehensive laboratory table complete with different power supply safety sockets and a space for components mounting. 
  • The system is provided also with accessories set to connect the components to the refrigeration system and an additional charging and evacuation set to exercise filling and evacuating of the refrigeration systems.