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Air Conditioning Skills Trainer
  • Preparation of pipe connections in accordance with a system schematic.
  • Preparation of an electrical installation in accordance with a circuit diagram.
  • Evacuation and filling of refrigeration units.
  • Fault finding on refrigeration units.
  • Non-polluting refrigerant.
  • Assembly project for providing training on the assembly of refrigeration units.
  • All components ready for installation.
  • Mechanical assembly of the rack for the unit.
  • Hydraulic assembly in accordance with system schema.
  • Electrical installation in accordance with circuit diagram.
  • Compressor 375W at 6°C/32°C
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Condenser refrigerating capacity 290W at 0°C/32°C
  • Condenser fan 380m³/h
  • Liquid collector 0.9ltr
  • Evaporator fan 120m³/h
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Thermostat:10 to 35°C
  • Air Conditioning Skills Trainer (AR - 044)
  • Hard Copy User manual

The air conditioning skills trainer includes various refrigeration units with varying levels of difficulty. these refrigeration units reinforce the trainees knowledge on the assembly and commissioning of refrigeration units.

  • The unit reinforces the trainer assembly skills which includes mechanics (rack), hydraulics (associated pipework) and electrical (wiring according to a schematic diagram).
  • The unit is a functional model of a temperature- controlled ventilation duct through which the cooled air is conveyed. 
  • The temperature control is done using a thermostat with a range of 10 to 35C.
  • The refrigerant circuit is composed of compressor, condenser, expansion valve and the duct damper.
  • The compressor is protected by a pressure switch.
  • A filter/dryer element removes any moisture present in the refrigerant.
  • A switch box contains the necessary controls and displays.
  • The unit is fixed on four caster wheels to facilitate its movements.
  • The unit is electrostatically painted and treated against rust.
  • Required to assemble the unit is Tool set, and Refrigeration Charging and Evacuation Station.