Diesel Engine Cutaway
  • To observe the internal construction of the diesel engine.
  • To observe the motion and interaction of the
  • Diesel Engine Cutaway (AT - 007)
  • Hard copy user manual

The diesel engine cutaway tends to demonstrate not only the internal construction of the engine, but also the motion and interaction of its internal components.

  • A sectioned 4-cylinder diesel engine mounted on a robust frame with four wheels for ease of relocation.
  • The unit allows the trainee to observe the injection order of the engine by representing the compression ignition order.
  • The Unit also allows the observation of the sequence of the 4 main strokes of the engine, how longitudinal motion is transformed into rotational motion by pistons, connecting rods and crank shaft.
  • The operation of the valve train and the timing assembly, the construction of the engine block, cylinder head, crank case, intake and exhaust systems, and the shape and profile of most diesel engine components can also be viewed.
  • The unit is provided with a schematic diagram showing the internal structure of the engine.
  • The unit is provided with an electric motor to operate the engine.
  • The educational unit is provided with an ON/OFF operation switch for the electric motor, emergency switch and a knob to control the motor speed.
  • The unit is supplied with Internal white LEDs to ease observing the internal construction of the cutaway. 
  • The unit is treated against rust and electrostatically painted.
  • The engine is combined with an electric motor instead of a wheel to give the expected rotation of the engine and its components.
  • The engine is preassembled with a transmission cutaway to observe its internal construction as well.
  • A plastic handle mounted on the transmission allows gear shifting.
  • Different color cross-sections provide contrast to easily differentiate components from each other.