Manual Transmission Assembly and Disassembly Trainer
  • To reassemble the manual transmission.
  • To recognize the figures of the manual transmission components
  • To disassemble manual transmission.
  • Manual Transmission Assembly and Disassembly Trainer (AT - 017)
  • Hard copy user manual

The manual transmission assembly and disassembly trainer has been specifically designed to enhance trainees and technicians ability to assemble and disassemble a manual transmission unit which further helps the trainees to visualize the internal components and construction in addition to fully understanding its operation. This assembly and disassembly trainer includes a small container that stores every single component of the disassembled manual transmission unit and assembly tools, in addition to a table on which the transmission may be assembled.

  • The trainer features 5-speed manual gearbox predisassembled in the storage container.
  • The trainer is supplied with a rotating base designed for assembling the components of the manual transmission to it, as it can be rotated by 360° clockwise or counter clockwise, in addition to a special mechanism to keep the rotation degree.
  • The trainer is designed to demonstrate the operation and components of a manual transmission of a front drive car.
  • The trainer stand is specially manufactured to help with the assembling and disassembling process.
  • The trainer comes with a storage unit for storing the various components, and the required tools.
  • The unit has a transmission lever to change the gears for each speed.
  • The trainer rests on wheel to facilitate moving it.
  • The trainer is electrostatically painted and treated against rust.
  • The trainer rests on wheels to facilitate moving it.