Complete Vehicle Hydraulic Braking Trainer
  • Introducing the student to the component of the hydraulic braking system.
  • Braking Using the Foot Pedal.
  • Braking Using Hand Brake Handle.
  • Complete Vehicle Hydraulic Braking Trainer (AT - 048)
  • Hard copy user manual

This educational unit features a complete vehicle model of hydraulic braking system. The unit operates by applying a braking effort on 4 rotors, and includes the equipment necessary for observing how the force of the drive foot press is magnified at the brake disc to apply enough braking effort to stop the vehicle.

  • An educational unit is mounted on a robust frame which can be easily relocated.
  • The educational unit physically simulates the hydraulic braking system of a real vehicle as the front wheel rotors include disc braking mechanism, while the rear wheel rotors include drum braking mechanism.
  • The unit includes all typical real vehicle components for operation including a brake pedal, oil reservoir, air booster, master cylinder, hydraulic circuits and end braking effort producing mechanisms. 
  • Pressure gauges are included to display the braking oil pressure developed at each wheel.
  • A graphic representation of each component on the surface of the chassis.
  • Detailed and colored diagram for oil path, pressure and the connection of brakes.
  • The accelerating force of the vehicle can be produced from either manually produced by a hand wheel or electrically produced by an electric motor.
  • The unit is fixed on four caster wheels to eases its motion inside the laboratory, these caster wheels are equipped with brakes to prevent the trainer from sliding during the operation.
  • The unit is treated against rust and electrostatically painted.