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Central Lock Module with Electric Glass System Simulator
  • Battery Fault
  • Power Window Main Switch Fault
  • Right Front Door Window Fault
  • Power Window Main Switch Fault
  • Right Front Door Lock Actuator Fault
  • Central Lock Module Fault
  • Power Window Main Switch Fault
  • Left Font Door Sensor Fault
  • Diesel Engine Management System Troubleshooting Trainer (AT - 088)
  • Hard copy user manual

The central lock module trainer introduce the student to components, connections and functions of the central lock module. In addition, the educational unit is supplied with real car doors with their electrical systems. The educational unit is provided with a touch screen supplied with an interactive software for faults troubleshooting.

  • The educational unit demonstrates the electrical systems of the car four doors, in addition to the central lock module.
  • The car used for the trainer is a left hand drive one.
  • The educational unit is supplied with the car keys and its remote control.
  • The educational unit consists of a vertical stand that contains two panels to demonstrate the components and make the electrical connections, in addition to two hollowed car doors.
  • The car doors components and electrical circuits are demonstrated at the two panels of the vertical stand.
  • The stand and the two doors are mounted to a U- base to carry the trainer, supplied with two an angle stand at the U ends to act as doors housing and to prevent doors from hit against the vertical stand.
  • The doors can be rotated with 90 degree.
  • The lower panel at the stand consists of the operation switches section, Central Lock system section, the Right Rear Door section and Left Rear Door section, in addition to the faults switches.
  • The operation switches section contains the emergency switch, the trainer operation ON/OFF switch, the trainer operation indication LED and the ignition switch.
  • The Central Lock module section consists of the central lock module and its terminals, the battery terminals and its operation indication LED, the starter terminals and its operation indication LED, a manual button which is (actually) mounted at the dash board of the car to activate the central lock system from inside the car and its terminals, Fuse box and its terminals, the siren terminals, two LEDs to indicate the operation of the left and right lights and their terminals (the lights of the car is activated only after activating the central lock unit), the four doors terminals and indication LEDs of them in case they are opened and the touch screen.
  • Each of Left Rear Door section and Right Door section contains window switch, window motor and door lock actuator.
  • The upper panel at the stand contains a very clear schematic diagram of the electrical circuit of the central lock module and the electrical connections of the car four doors, in addition to two sections of the right front door and left front door components terminals.
  • The terminals at each section represent window switch, window motor, door lock actuator, mirror (right and left) and door sensor.
  • A siren is mounted to the upper edge of the vertical stand.
  • The terminals supplied to the educational unit are safety 4 mm terminals to perform connection, measurement and testing processes.
  • The stand panels are provided with figures of the components with labeled names for each components printed by ultra violet technology.
  • When the educational unit is turned on, the interactive troubleshooting software is operated at the touch screen.
  • After activating any fault by its own switch, the software shows a screen that demonstrates the fault number, fault name, a figure of the faulty component, symptoms, fault consequences, measured value before activating the fault and measured value after activating the fault.
  • The educational unit is provided with four casters to facilitate its motion.
  • The educational unit is electrostatically painted.