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Automotive Starting System Educational Equipment
  • Battery charger switch.
  • Starter operation.
  • Automotive Starting System Educational Equipment (AT - 091)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Automotive Starting System trainer illustrates the operation principles of cars starter unit. The component used in this trainer are real to give full experience for trainees.

  • The trainer is capable of demonstrating the Automotive starting system.
  • The trainer has the following components: Starting motor and a battery.
  • The starting current of the starting motor is measured and displayed.
  • The starting motor can be changed with another one.
  • The trainer rests on wheels to facilitate moving it.
  • The trainer has a schematic diagram of the electric starting circuit.
  • All symbols, drawings etc. are printed to the trainer using ultra violet technology on aluminum sheets, full colored and suitable for outdoor purposes (weather resistance).
  • The unit is fixed on four caster wheels to eases its motion inside the laboratory, these caster wheels are equipped with brakes to prevent the trainer from sliding during the operation.
  • The unit is treated against rust and electrostatically painted.