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Automotive SLI Battery Cutaway
  • Observation of the internal structure of the automotive SLI battery.
  • Understanding the operation principle of the automotive SLI battery.
  • Automotive SLI battery cutaway (BES101)
  • Hard copy user manual

Automotive SLI battery cutaway (BES101) is a great educational tool designed to enable trainees to investigate the structure and operation principles of SLI battery that’s used in combustion engines. This cutaway is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colors to better differentiate the various parts of the battery. No electrolyte for educational purposes.

  • Cutaway SLI battery is the ideal aid for teaching battery principles , it also allows visualization of the inner parts.
  • The term SLI actually stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. Thus, as the name suggests, SLI lead-acid battery, or the so-called starting battery, is normally used for automobiles.
  • The battery is mounted on a small robust frame to ease the relocation.
  • The internal components of the battery are observable so trainees can investigate various parts such as vent plugs, tapered terminal post, positive plate, negative plate, etc.
  • All the components are sectioned and showcased in different colors to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction and components.
  • An important specification of an SLI battery is the Nominal Capacity. This refers to the Amp-hours available when the battery is discharged from 100% state of charge to the Cut-Off Voltage or empty state of the battery.
  • A choice between either a flooded cell, absorbed glass mat (agm) valve regulated lead acid (vrla) or gel cell (gel) absorbed glass mat types of batteries are available as cutaways, and selectable.