Vehicle Door Cutaway
  • Observation of the internal structure of the vehicle door modules.
  • Understanding the operation principle of the vehicle door modules
  • Vehicle door cutaway (BES102)
  • Hard copy user manual

Vehicle door cutaway (BES102) is a great educational tool designed to enable trainees to investigate the vehicle door internal parts, structure and working mechanism. This cutaway is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colors to better differentiate the various parts of the vehicle door. The system represents a front door.

  • A sectioned vehicle door is mounted on a robust frame to ease the relocation.
  • Cutaway vehicle door is the ideal aid to learn the internal parts of the door and understand its function.
  • The cutaway includes a complete door comes with interior door panels, hardware and power windows.
  • The door is the main entry and exit points of the vehicle, the door secures the cabin. In addition, it helps keep the outside air and noise from entering the passenger cabin.
  • The provided real vehicle door panel covers internal parts like the window regulator, the power window motor, and the system wiring.
  • Additionally, it includes the electrical circuits and components such as the window lifting, lowering mechanism, interior door handle, and central locking system.
  • The central locking system allows trainees to learn the lock actuator that is the primary mechanism that controls the lock on car and is located inside the door.
  • The electric car door lock operates by receiving a radio signal transmitted by the car key fob, signaling the actuator to activate, which then routes the command through the correct path (lock/unlock) and performs the desired action.
  • The car window regulator is a scissor-like mechanism that allows the window to be moved up and down using an electric motor.
  • The interior door handle disengages the door latch so you can push the door open.
  • The linkage for both the interior and exterior door handles is found inside the door, underneath the door panel.
  • All the components are sectioned and showcased in different colors to allow the trainee to observe the internal parts of the door.