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Digital content (BI-01)

Digital Content is an interactive educational tool to help the trainees understand scientific knowledge in a more engaging way. It can be used in remote, hybrid, and face-to-face learning. The easy interface enables the users to have an overview of the content and access the content sections, questions, quizzes, and different interactive material. Digital content can be used through a variety of devices starting from lab computers in the educational facility to the comfort of personal phone and tablet devices. The instructor is able to create, edit, and plan very customized content with the help of versatile tools.

  • An interactive and self-paced learning method that can help in improving the academic performance of the students and increase productivity for both the students and instructors.
  • The trainees will have access to different types of interactive materials to aid them with having a better understanding of complex scientific topics and additional homework.
  • They will be able to revisit all the course material, question banks, and interactive content at their fingertips, any time of the day, using any device that can be connected to the internet.
  • A comprehensive tool that can be used without prior experience thanks to the simple but efficient user interface that makes it easy for students to use in class on a daily basis.
  • The time consumed by the instructors to prepare educational material for the students can be significantly decreased with the help of the digital content tool.
  • Course content creation, editing, and planning time are decreased by 30% with the help of digital editing tools.
  • A better planning and organizing of the learning process and the different materials used in educational courses.
  • The ability to divide each section and be able to add as many sub-sections as possible.
  • Can be used to create educational material for different subjects and fields of learning.
  • The trainees can use this tool to test their knowledge and be corrected as soon as they submit their answers.
  • Self-testing is a better information retention method that can improve the students’ performance by 70%.
  • Improving learning skills for planning, observation, and analysis
  • Encouragement of digital skills
  • Improved self-managed learning and independence
  • The tool is very useful to help trainees work together in small teams and help each other.
  • Better preparation by students thanks to prepared exercises set and rapid introduction to the information.
  • Perform different experiments interactively and digitally.
  • Comprehensive possibilities for application due to a wide range of experiments and exercises.
  • The tool supports adding pictures, GIFs, videos, interactive figures, and more for more interesting content.
  • Using new interactive tools like interactive graphs is beneficial to help clarify different types of data.
  • Interactive figures can be another convenient way to explain difficult topics.
  • Gifs and illustrative pictures can be used to give an inside look at the operation and science behind different machines and devices.
  • With the help of adding videos, the different videos can help in explaining lessons, lab content, and experiment procedures so trainees can revisit the content and perform experiments and do problems by themselves.
  • The content can have question banks for each section so the students will be able to test themselves.
  • Experiment steps, hardware pre-setup, and trainers’ components and parts are presented to the trainees through interactive tools.
  • Instructions for operation and safety tips are shown using this tool in an organized and detailed way.
  • Quizzes, practice questions, and interactive tests can be included and both the instructor and the trainees can make great use of them.
  • Easy navigation through the digital course content with the help of a digital table of contents
  • Very compatible with different devices whether it’s mobile phones, tablets, or PC screens allowing users to easily access this content using any device.