Digital content (BI-01)

Digital content used in remote, hybrid and face-to-face instruction. Students interact with the content through synchronous and asynchronous learning on a device like a computer or even phones, it includes videos, charts, graphs, photos, and GIFS to grab learners’ attention

  • The digital content is easy to use and comprehend by students without the need of prior knowledge or experience.
  • The provided digital content is supplied with interactive figure, videos and GIFS allowing users to get more in touch with the course content.
  • The digital content supports engagement among students allowing them to interact with each other regarding the course content.
  • The digital table of contents can be reached easily through the tab located at the side where students can navigate easily through the digital course.
  • The digital content is compatible with different devices whether it’s mobile phone, tablets or PC screens allowing users to easily access this content using any device.