Remote Distance Learning (BI-02)

For the WIFI Option the following devices is supplied with the trainer:

  • Access Point
    • 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz Capable
    • Can be operated as WIFI Extender to connect to an existing network
    • Up to 250 Devices can connect at once
  • ¬†Cloud build-in Device
    • The trainer will come with build in equipment to connect the trainer to the internet
    • Once the trainer is connected to the internet a infinite number of connection through the software can be made at once
  • Remote Distance Learning (BI-02)

The remote distance learning gives our students the ability to practice and learn at any time in the day, they can easily access to our devices, and make different experiments , all they need is an access to internet.

All Bedo Training Equipment that requires a software to control and monitor the hardware have three modes of operation:

  • USB Connection
    • By Connecting the trainer directly to a PC through a USB Interface cable
  • WIFI Connection
    • Bedo Trainers comes with an access point which allow the user of the trainer to operate in two modes
  • Direct Connection
    • The user will make a connection with the access point directly which is protected with a strong password which allows him to get full control of the trainer using the software provided
    • Connection the access point into Internal Network
  • If a network already exists at the place of installation the access point can act as WIFI extender which allow it to join the existing network with some simple configurations the user then is able to connect to the trainer using the provided software
  • Cloud Connection
    • This option requires having an internet connection.
    • By connection the trainer through RJ45 Ethernet cable the user can select to operate using cloud mode from any place they desire whether its home, university office or laboratory.
    • After the connection has been established the user can fully control the trainer through the provided software.