Storage Unit
  • Four sections at each side
  • 7 modules at each section.
  • Electrostatically painted
  • Four castor wheels.
  • Storage unit (BI-03)

This double-sided aluminum frame is served as storage unit where excess modules can be mounted to it. This frame can also be purposed for mounting frame to be experimented not only for storage purposes. Using this frame allows trainees to safely store and use excess obtained modules.

  • This frame can be used either for storage purposes or as an extra stand for mounting modules required for carrying out experiments.
  • This frame is made out of aluminum material and it’s double-sided allowing trainees to store modules or perform experiments on both sides.
  • The frame consists of four sections at each side, each section can accommodate up to 7 modules. This allows trainees to store and mount at least 56 modules.
  • This frame is electrostatically painted to provide protection against wear and deterioration.
  • The frame is supplied with four castor wheels, two of them are supplied with braking facility allowing the frame to be stable during usage.