Learning Management System Package
  • Learning Management System Package (BI - 04)

The Learning Management System Package is a learning platform that uses the latest technologies for the management, tracking, and documentation of the educational process. The user will be able to deliver the educational courses easily, be able to contact the teaching staff members, access educational material, communicate with the students, and be able to create interactive content with the ability to add photos, gifs, videos, and interactive graphs to make information delivery easier and more appalling to the students. The package includes a digitalization software solution that enables both instructor and students to have an interactive experience in labs, this software has complete experimental documentation for physics, chemistry, and biology. It also includes editor software for creating and editing interactive lab content.

  • The teacher is able to create the course curriculum content, assignments, quizzes, and more.
  • Also, the teacher can track the students’ performance and academic progress.
  • The students will be able to access the courses content, deliver assignments, and answer quizzes using their digital devices.
  • Also, they can contact with the teaching staff member for inquiries and contact other students for a more collaborative learning experience.
  • Digital interactive courses planning, creating, controlling, and editing are available for instructors.
  • Also, the instructors will be able to mark, and grade the students’ work, and also follow up with them.
  • The system enables monitoring the students’ activities, interacting with students, and creating spreadsheets and charts.
  • Easy course editing and creation tools.
  • The system can log in to the lab network, WIFI, or access point and be logged in at the laboratory or home through the internet.
  • The digitalization software solution can be used to create a list of all the teaching equipment and materials.
  • A list of all the experiments that can be executed using the lap available equipment.
  • Crating and managing storage structure.
  • The ability to add information about lab equipment availability.
  • Access to lab equipment instruction for use, lab experiments instruction, and other media.
  • Creating documents for lab experiments, and exporting lab documents to the standard data file.
  • This software enables the instructor to create interactive documents and add interactive tables, diagrams, tests, quizzes, and answers.
  • The software can be accessed by the teaching staff members.
  • The LMS covers licenses for admin members.
  • An unlimited number of students can access an unlimited number of educational courses available on the platform.