Air Compressor Cutaway
  • Observation of the internal structure of the air compressor.
  • Familiarization with the operation principle of the air compressor.
  • Air compressor cutaway (BSB103)
  • Hard copy user manual

The air compressor cutaway (BSB103) is a benchtop training system which is designed to illustrate the air compressor internal parts and structure.

  • This cutaway is a subset of a larger braking system. The core focus of this cutaway is to demonstrate the air compressor.
  • A sectioned air compressor is mounted on a small robust frame to ease the relocation.
  • This educational unit features real air compressor components including the cylinder head with its inlet & outlet ports and valves, cylinder block, piston, crank case and crank shaft.
  • All the components are sectioned and showcased in different colors to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction and components.
  • The compressor cutaway is provided with a mechanism driven by a wheel introduce the trainee into its theory of operation.
  • The air compressor could be of one or two cylinders.