Air Suspension Cutaway
  • Observing the internal structure of the air suspension.
  • Familiarization with the operation principle of the air suspension.
  • Air suspension cutaway (BSU101)
  • Hard copy user manual

The air suspension cutaway (BSU101) is a bench top training system which is designed to illustrate a type of suspension system of vehicles ,the air suspension, using this training unit, students will get acquainted with the air suspension internal parts, structure and working mechanism.

  • A sectioned air suspension is mounted on a small robust frame to ease the relocation.
  • This educational unit features real air suspension system of a real vehicle components including the air compressor, air tank, air springs, leveling valve, pressure control valve, solenoid valves, air dryer, pressure gages, etc.
  • All the components are sectioned and showcased in different colors to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction and components.