Front Suspension Trainer
  • Observing the construction the front suspension system.
  • Observing the operation the front suspension system.
  • Front suspension trainer (BSU102)
  • Hard copy user manual

The front suspension trainer (BSU102) is an integral part of the suspension system of any vehicle which reduces vehicle vibrations caused by road undulations and irregularities. The trainer tends to demonstrate a typical front suspension of a passenger car isolated from the vehicle and its wheel, and showcased to display its construction and components.

  • The front wheels suspension are mounted on a robust frame that can be easily relocated.
  • The unit is based on a real typical front suspension of a vehicle with all its components including struts (springs and dampers), top wishbone, bottom wishbone, and anti-roll bar.
  • The trainer includes a part of the vehicle chassis to demonstrate how the suspension system is connected to the chassis.
  • The trainer includes wheel hubs and hub carriers to demonstrate how the suspension and steering systems would link together to the wheels.
  • The model includes a steering system to demonstrate how the steering system links to the wheel hub carriers through tie rods along with the suspension system, to allow directional control of the vehicle simultaneously with vertical oscillations of the wheel hubs.
  • The front suspension structure can be rotated by a rotation wheel.