Rear Suspension Trainer
  • Observing the construction the rear suspension system.
  • Observing the operation the rear suspension system.
  • Rear suspension trainer (BSU103)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Rear Suspension Trainer (BSU103) is an integral part of the suspension system of a vehicle which reduces vehicle vibrations caused by road undulations and irregularities. The trainer tends to demonstrate a typical rear suspension of a passenger car isolated from the vehicle and its wheel, and showcased in an educational manner to display its construction and components.

  • A rear suspension is mounted on a robust frame that can be easily relocated.
  • The trainer includes a part of the vehicle chassis to demonstrate how the suspension system is connected to the chassis.
  • The trainer is functionally operated and includes all the components of a rear wheels suspension system required for the suspension operation such as; struts (springs and dampers), upper control arm, lower control arm and stabilizer bar.
  • The model includes wheel hubs and hub carriers to demonstrate how the suspension system allows vertical oscillations along with vehicle rotation.