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Laminar Flow Streamlines Visualization Trainer (C)
(CF - 010)
  • Visualization of streamlines in flow around drag bodies.
  • Visualization of streamlines inflow through changes in cross-section.
  • Ideal flow associated with sinks and sources.
  • Research – modelling two-dimensional systems.
  • Use of streamlines to analyze two-dimensional flow.
  • Flow chamber contains two plates
    • distance between the plates: 2mm
    • upper plate made of transparent material.
    • bottom glass plate with four water connections for sources/sinks
    • size experiment area: LxW: 500x300mm
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section Rubber Plate
    • LxH: 500x600mm
    • thickness: 2mm
  • Injection of the contrast medium (ink): 15 holes
  • Tank for contrast medium: 500mL
  • Laminar Flow Streamlines Visualization Trainer (CF-010)
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section:
    • Car.
    • Triangle.
    • Square.
    • 2 triangles for change in cross-section.
    • 2 semi-circles.
    • Droplet.
    • Streamlined body.
    • Guide vane profile
  • Hard copy user manual

The laminar flow streamlines visualization Trainer tends to demonstrate the laminar flow patterns in ideal fluids. The trainer uses water as flowing medium and ink as a contrast medium for better visualization.