Electrical Relay Control Training System
(CW - 002)
  • 3-phase induction motor direct online circuit.
  • 3-phase induction motor forward/ reverse control.
  • 3-phase induction motor star connection.
  • 3-phase induction motor delta connection.
  • Single-acting cylinder control.
  • Double-acting cylinder control.
  • Electrical Relay Control Training System.
  • Hard Copy of User Manual

The electrical relay control training system is designed to help the trainees learn the basic principles of classic control, the trainee can study the 3-phase ac motor power circuit, control circuit, and pneumatic cylinders with limit switches.

  • The Electrical Relay Control Training System consists of the main frame with the different experimental components mounted on it.
  • The trainer has a 3-phase induction motor power circuit with contactors, reactors, thermal overload, electronic overload, and a circuit breaker with led indicators.
  • The Trainer enables the trainees to perform motor connections, and see the difference methods of connecting a 3-phase induction motor.
  • • The trainer is equipped with a 3-phase induction motor , emergency buttons, stop buttons, start buttons, selectors, and led indicators etc.
  • The control circuit has connections sockets to the line and neutral bus , limit switches, SPDT relays, timer relays, auxiliary contactors, and impulse relays, in addition to valves connections.
  • A single-acting cylinder and a double-acting cylinder is used to learn about the operation of connecting pneumatic cylinders using limit switches as the feedback devices.
  • The main control unit with main on/off control, emergency button, and RCCB and CB for the trainer