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Screw Jack Apparatus
(DN - 002)

1 Screw Jack 2 Pulley (Diameter =67 mm) 3 Pulleys 4 Load Hangers 5 Additional Weights

  • Determination of the velocity ratio.
  • Comparing the velocity ratio with the calculated value.
  • Determination of the variation with load of effort, friction, efficiency and limiting efficiency of the machine.
  • screw diameter: 8mm
  • 2 weight hanger
  • weights
    • 2x 2N
    • 2x 1N
    • 2x 0.5N
  • Screw Jack Apparatus (DN - 002)
  • Hard copy user manual

This screw jack (DN – 002) is fitted with a large turntable fixed on top of a metric square pitch screw thread.

  • All items are mounted onto a bench top base.
  • Wrapped around the periphery of the large turntable is a cord, which runs off horizontally and over a pulley, allowing the free end of the cord to hang vertical.
  • A load hanger is attached to the free end of the cord to create the driving torque for the screw jack.
  • Depending on the orientation of the cord on the turntable will determine whether the turntable is raised or lowered.