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Slotted Link Apparatus
(DN - 007)

1 Base plate 2 Fixed cylinder with millimeter precise steel ruler 3 Connecting rod with Slotted Link 4 Rotating disk with precise graduated protractor 5 Handgrip 6 Two handles

  • Familiarization with crank slider and its movement
  • Illustration of different types of motions
  • transformation of uniform rotary motion into purely harmonic reciprocating motion
  • Documentation of the transmission function
  • Studying the influence input signal and crank length on the output stroke
  • Crank disk
    • Aluminum
    • Ball-bearing mounted
  • Crank radius
    • 25mm
    • 37,5mm
    • 50mm
  • Connecting rod
    • Aluminum
  • Cylinder
    • Stroke 0…100mm
  • Slotted Link Apparatus (DN - 007)
  • Hard copy user manual

The educational unit (DN – 007) investigates a slotted crank slider, which generates a purely harmonic stroke movements. The angle of the disk could be adjusted to investigate the influence of connecting rod length and input angle on the output stroke.

  • The unit can be used to generate and study purely harmonic stroke movements.
  • The experimental unit comprises a rotating disk, connecting rod and fixed cylinder.
  • The connecting rod is connected to the crank disk via a crank.
  • At the other end, the connecting rod is connected to the fixed cylinder.
  • The educational unit models a reciprocating piston.
  • The angle is adjusted using the crank disk, and an angle scale is integrated into the rotating disk.
  • A millimeter- precise steel ruler is attached to the cylinder to measure the stroke.
  • The elements are mounted on a base plate.
  • Two handles make it easy to carry and stack the unit.