Gear Drive Apparatus
(DN - 015)
  • Investigation of single-stage spur gears
  • Investigation of multistage spur gears
  • Investigation of planetary gears
  • Understanding the basic terminology of the gear ration meaning, and how it effects on the speed of transmission
  • Understanding the function of intermediate gears
  • 4x Plastic gears
    • module: 1mm
    • number of teeth: 40, 60, 80 and 100
  • Gear Drive Apparatus (DN - 015)
  • Hard Copy of User Manual

The Gear Drive apparatus (DN – 015) is designed to illustrate the gear drives in the form of spur or planetary gears in single and multistage transforms motion, Selecting and combing the gears with different numbers of teeth allows you to realize different transmission ratios and gear types.

  • The training system is designed to illustrate transmits and transforms motion in planetary gears.
  • The trainer consists of a base with fixed axle where the pivoting rail is mounted on it
  • By selecting and combine the gears with different teeth you can you to realize different transmission ratios and gear types.
  • The kit is also equipped with two axles which can be attached at any position on the rail.
  • The kit is provided with plastic gears with 40, 60, 80, 100 teethes with modules 1mm
  • According to the experiment by using one or two additional axles can be mounted on the rail
  • The trainer has a storage box where you can store the unused componenets