Gear Trains Training System
(DN - 016)
  • Understanding basic terminology and relationships:
    • transmission ratio
    • direction of rotation reversal
    • reference circle and modulus
    • the function of intermediate gears
  • Demonstrating the differences between belt drives, wheel and disc drives, and gear trains
  • Gear Trains Training System (DN - 016)
  • Hard Copy of User Manual

The Gear Trains Training System (DN – 016) is an educational unit is designed to allow the trainees to study the operation of a gear train which can transfer the rotational motion from one shaft to another .The training system is designed in simple construction to be easy to study the relationship between the ratio of the number of teeth and the transmission ratio of gears, study the torque conversion in gear pairs, and the efficiency of a gear.

  • The training system is designed to demonstrate belt drives, wheel, and disk drives, and gear trains.
  • A solid frame made of durable material to withstand performing the experiments.
  • A sturdy base for the unit to ensure it is secure.
  • The bearings for the pulleys and gears are attached to the T-slots in the profile using clamping levers.
  • These are easy to release and can be slid horizontally making a wide range of different setups possible.
  • All experiments are carried out using manual power.