Spur Gear Training System
(DN - 017)
  • Determine of the main variables and relationships in a spur gear
  • Spur Gear Training System (DN - 017)
  • Hard Copy of User Manual

The Spur Gear Training System (DN – 017) is an educational unit is designed to allow the trainees to study the specification of the spur gear which can transfer the rotational motion from one shaft to another. in a spur gear, the gears are connected on parallel axles. The training system is designed in simple construction to be easy to study the relationship between the ratio of the number of teeth and the transmission ratio of gears, study the torque conversion in gear pairs, and the efficiency of a gear.

  • The training system is designed to study the design and principle of the spur gear unit.
  • The spur gear training system consists of four galvanized gear wheels, two anodized aluminum pulleys
  • In the training system there is a ball-bearing which mounted gears and pulleys
  • the training system is mounted on the anodized aluminum base plate.
  • In the training system the student can determine the relationship of spur gear such as the velocity ratios in spur gears, influence of gear ratio on friction and determine the efficiency