Gears Assembly Trainer
(DN - 018)

1 Two-stage spur gear 2 Combined spur-bevel gear 3 Square steel tube frame

  • Familiarization with main components and forms of mechanical gear engineering.
    • Two-stage belt drive
    • Chain gear with tensioning wheel and spur gear ratio
    • Two-stage spur gear
    • Combined bevel and spur gears
    • Combined worm and bevel gears
    • Rack-and-pinion drive with spur gear
    • Calculations on mechanical gears.
  • Practical setup of different gears, associated with setup and configuration exercises.
  • Read and understand engineering drawings, familiarization with technical terms.
  • Toothed belt disk
    • number of teeth: z=30, 32, 48, 60
  • Gear wheels
    • number of teeth: z=30, 36, 50, 60
    • module: m=2mm
  • Chain wheels
    • number of teeth: z=20, 30
  • Pair of bevel gears
    • number of teeth: z=30
    • module: m=3mm
    • transmission ratio: i=1
    • angle of rotation: 90°
  • Gears Assembly Trainer (DN - 018)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Assembly Combined Gears Unit tends to demonstrate the assembly of gear components practically. The unit also provides a variety of experiments on the fundamentals of gear engineering.

  • The exercise system can be used to configure six different gear types in various combinations.
  • The setup of the components is flexible so that different ideas can be configured.
  • Individual activities such as understanding the task and reading the drawing, assembling the components, adjusting, calibrating and checking the gear, and performing calculations are performed one after the other.
  • The unit is driven by a hand crank.
  • A solid frame made of square steel tubes and various bearings ensures sufficient accuracy to be able to set precise tooth interlocking.
  • All components of the exercise system are ready at hand and securely housed in a storage system.