Universal Drive Unit
(DN - 020)

1 Motor torque digital display 2 Motor speed digital display 3 Speed sensor socket 4 Motor On/off 5 Speed control knob 6 Loadcell socket 7 Motor socket 8 Emergency button 9 On/Off switch 10 Motor 11 Speed sensor 12 Speed sensor socket 13 Loadcell 14 Loadcell socket

  • Calculating ac the Motor Output Power
  • Motor
    • 3 phase induction motor
    • Output power: 1.5 HP
  • Loadcell
    • 20kg load cell 20 N
    • Force display to 0.1N
  • Speed controller
    • Speed sensor: 3000 rpm
  • Speed display to 1 rpm
  • Universal Drive Unit (DN - 020)
  • Hard copy user manual

Universal drive unit (DN – 020) is composed of an induction motor that is used for driving a variety of different systems. The unit allows speed, torque and power to be adjusted, monitored and calculated.

  • The trainer is a benchtop educational system that can be easily relocated and assembled.
  • The trainer is composed of two units, the motor unit and the controller.
  • The motor unit is composed of three phase machine, load cell, and speed sensor.
  • The motor equipped is 3 phase induction motor, 1.5 horsepower, 3000 rpm.
  • The load cell measures motor force in kilogram force.
  • A proximity sensor is attached to the motor to measure motor speed and displays it (in rpm) on the digital display.
  • The control unit is composed of on/off switch, emergency button, motor socket, speed sensor socket, load cell socket.
  • The control unit also contains motor speed control knob, motor on/ff switch, motor speed digital display and network analyzer.
  • Motor speed can be adjusted using motor speed knob, the speed is displayed on the digital display.
  • The motor torque is automatically calculated and displayed on the network analyzer.