Cam Mechanism Trainer
(DN - 022)
  • Investigation of the importance and function of the cam mechanism
  • Experimenting with different cam member shapes and comparison between them
  • Familiarization with the elevation curves
  • Angular scale
    • 0…360°
    • graduation: 1°
  • Dial gauge for the stroke
    • 0…30mm
    • graduation: 0,01mm
  • Cam Mechanism Trainer (DN - 022)
  • Hard copy user manual

the device (DN – 022) allows trainees to investigate different cam profiles and how it translate rotary motion into linear motion.

  • The trainer is used to clearly demonstrate the function of a cam mechanism.
  • Cams are available in different shapes. A roller plunger, flat plunger or cam follower can be used as the engaging member.
  • The stroke is determined by measuring the travel.
  • An angular scale indicates the corresponding angle of rotation.
  • The educational unit is provided with 4 different shapes of cam: circular arc, tangent, hollow or asymmetric.
  • Cam and engaging member can be exchanged without tools.
  • Dial gauge is used for determining the stroke.
  • Angular scale is used for determining the angle of rotation.