Dynamic Studies of Cam Mechanism Apparatus
(DN - 023)

1 Masses. 2 Linear bearings. 3 Spring. 4 Cam. 5 Follower. 6 Cam fixation pin. 7 Alignment bearing. 8 Recording bar. 9 Recording cord. 10 Recording pen fixation. 11 Recording pen. 12 Load bar. 13 Flywheel. 14 Spring plate. 15 Recording plate.

  • Investigation of the importance and function of the cam mechanism
  • Determination of elevation curves in non-matching engaging member and Sprung engaging member
  • Experimenting with different cam member shapes and comparison between them
  • Comparing the elevation curves to the theory
  • Calculation of the limit speed
  • Studying the influence of moving mass, preload, spring stiffness on the cam member
  • Drive motor
    • DC asynchronous motor with frequency converter
    • power: 370 W
    • speed: 0.....950 min-1
  • Cam-shaped cam member
    • stroke, each: 15 mm
    • opening angle, each: 140°
  • Spring stiffness
    • 3 springs with different k.
    • l=20 cm.
  • Masses
    • additional weight: 200 g
    • plunger: 530 g
    • flat receiver: 93 g
    • rolling receiver: 20 g
  • Dynamic Studies of Cam Mechanism Apparatus (DN-023)
  • Hard copy user manual

The cam analysis apparatus (DN – 023) tends to demonstrate the dynamic investigation of a cam mechanism at various speeds. The apparatus also allows the comparison among four typical cams with corresponding engaging members in terms of the motion behavior.

  • The apparatus allows the investigation of cam mechanisms.
  • By varying the spring stiffness, spring preload and oscillating mass, it is possible to study the dynamic limits of the respective cams.
  • The oscillating mass can be increased with 5 additional weights
  • The cam motions and valve raising can be clearly demonstrated using a stroboscope.
  • A recorder synchronized with the cam member records the actual elevation curve of the cam mechanism.
  • A speed-controlled drive motor with a large flywheel generates a speed as constant as possible.
  • The open design means that the motion is clearly visible in every detail.
  • A transparent protective cover ensures safe operation.
  • The apparatus includes various cam-shaped cam members: tangent cam, hollow cam, 2 circular arm cams with different head radius.
  • The unit also contains 2 different engaging members: flat receiver with plunger or rolling receiver with plunge & 3 interchangeable return springs and spring preload.
  • The unit is provided with an optical speed sensor.